Thursday, April 14, 2011

Filler of the Week

So hey, I haven't blogged in a while and I'm feeling a little guilty about it.  This blog needs to stay fresh and happening...Right?  So, here are a few stories in the news right now...

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-The Fukushima nuclear reactor is still making headlines.  Most recently the reactor is being discussed because it has been upgraded to an event on par with Chernobyl in regards to total radioactive output. The story, though, is that the output of radiation has been at a more gradual rate and is considerably less harmful than the Chernobyl explosion, but the upgrade on the nuclear disaster scale is still adding to the fear of the people who (used to) live near the site.  I feel for the citizens that have been displaced by the disaster caused by the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear reactor incident.  Their homes may not be recoverable in their lifetimes.

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 -Also, The House passed the budget!  The House passed the budget!  Wow, way to make it happen people.  After the looming (and then later quite pressing) threats of a government shutdown, Congress agreed upon the budget today.  It appears that this was a true compromise from both parties...Republicans cut more spending than the Democrats wanted but not nearly as much as they would have liked, and Democrats conceded more cuts than they would have liked but held on to more spending than the Republicans wished to concede.  For me, for now, the bottom line is that the government will not shut down and the IRS will continue to issue returns.  I get my tax return!!!

-Finally, I saw that JWOW from Jersey Shore published a book..It was on the shelves of Target today.  Seriously people?

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