Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whoa, I Hate My Pool Right Now

Okay, when my pool is clean and functioning correctly I love my pool.  I can get up early in the morning and have a swim.  I can throw on my swim trunks after work and take a dip and relax from the day.  These are the good times...

When I hate my pool, as I currently do, is when I've spent hours and hours and day after consecutive day scrubbing the pool, cleaning the filter, shocking the pool, scrubbing the pool, re-cleaning the filter, shocking the pool and scrubbing the pool (ad naseum) yet my pool still has a green algae tinge.  This means no morning swims and no after work dips, which also means I'm dumping time and money into something that is yielding no return.  I'm shocking again today, added some much needed acid, and am crossing my fingers.  Once I got the pool on track last Summer maintenance was not too much trouble but it has been a monster headache since Summer ended.  If my last effort doesn't work, I'm either going to have to hire a pool company to keep it up or I'm filling the sucker in!  So frustrated.


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