Sunday, June 26, 2011

Highway to Blogger Heaven

Alright, I recently read that I need to set a"blog schedule" to get on track with this blogging thing.  I think it's true.  I'm about to add a THIRD blog to my repertoire and clearly I need to get a schedule going because I don't think I'm currently hitting a blog a month.  My third blog will be a professional blog.  A place where I can share my GIS knowledge and work successes with members of my linked in community.  BUT, I can't justify creating a new blog if I'm not keeping my existing blogs current...which is why you're reading this blog post!

I would like to take this opportunity, however, to say that I no longer hate my pool.  In fact, my pool and I are completely in love again.  Nothing like rekindling the fire!  Yep, the pool has really been cooperating with me since I got it fixed up.  Wondering how I got it fixed up are you?  Welllll, I cleaned the filter, shocked the begeezers out of it, vacuumed the sucker, and let everything settle back down.  Then I cleaned the filter again, vacuumed the begeezers out of the pool again, and let everything settle back down...again.  THEEEN, I cleaned the filter again, added the correct amount of DE through the strainer, shocked it one more time and, voila, beautiful clear clean pool.

Nice clear pool. Also pictured: The Often Imitated but Never Duplicated, Paxton the Wonder Dog!

See you all real soon!

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